Adidas Hit By A Data Breach


Last week, the popular shoe brand, Adidas, began alerting consumers about a potential data security event affecting those who have shopped on their website. 

Adidas became aware on June 26th that data associated with their consumers had been acquired by an unauthorized party. Although consumer credit card information is presumed not to have been impacted, contact information, usernames, and encrypted passwords of consumers have been compromised.

Adidas began taking steps to investigate and identify the scope of the incident soon after it was brought to their attention. Although Adidas has stated that they understand the importance of customers’ personal information and take protection of it seriously, Adidas was not able to stop this data breach from occurring. 

With these type of breaches, retailers run the risk of losing the trust of consumers and as trust declines, so do their sales. 

Does this change how you feel about the company? Will you still shop on their site? @cysecintellects wants you to be on alert. Change your Adidas account password and keep an eye out for any other suspicious activity.