Episodes of OITNB Season 5 Leaked


Although @netflix has revealed that the 5th season of its Emmy award winning show "Orange Is the New Black" ( @OITNB ) is scheduled for release on Friday, June 9th, episodes have already been circulating all over the internet. In late 2016, the hacker group known as TheDarkOverlord breached Larson Studios' network and stole unaired episodes of #OITNB. A few months later, TheDarkOverlord demanded a ransom of 50 bitcoin (~ $60,000) by April 30th and threatened to release episodes of the show if the ransom was not payed. Netflix never responded to the demand and two weeks after the deadline, TheDarkOverlord tweeted a link to download unaired episodes of the show from a torrent website.

Do you think this type of extortion is going to become more prevalent?