Digital Marketing Specialist

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We are currently seeking an experienced and motivated Digital Marketing Specialist to help plan and execute our digital marketing campaigns and strategy. The successful candidate will be well versed in the area of Digital Marketing and capable of developing marketing campaigns that reach our target audience and increase engagement.

This is the perfect role for an experienced Digital Marketing Specialist looking to take on the challenge of engaging an audience in the fairly new concept of merging Pop Culture with Cyber Security


  • Lead CSI ad preparation and publisher-side launch initiatives

  • Execute all pre-launch responsibilities

  • Perform diligent and detail-oriented QA on advertising placements

  • Analyze post-campaign performance and make suggestions for optimization.

  • Identify, monitor and propose ways to improve performance of targeted products group

  • Monitor and communicate advertising progress with team

  • including but not limited to reporting as well as answering inquiries.

  • Collaborate with teams to improve processes, documentation, and communication

  • Work closely with Graphic designer on marketing initiatives


  • Work experience in marketing for a small to large size organization

  • BS degree or higher in Marketing or relevant field

  • Working knowledge of Google Analytics and SEO

  • Attention to detail; diligent, proactive, organized, accountable, analytical, and highly-motivated team player

  • General knowledge of the field of cybersecurity and privacy or willingness to learn

  • Ability to follow strict deadlines

  • Ability to leverage analytics to optimize marketing efforts and make recommendations for product improvements

  • Excellent verbal and written communication and networking skills

  • Stays up to date on best practices and current trends on online engagement; content marketing, measurement and digital marketing strategies.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE CONTACT US AT Please be sure to attach a current resume and cover letter.


Graphic Designer


We are currently seeking an enthusiastic and talented graphic designer to help our team bring our unique vision of creating content that makes cyber security relatable to life. The successful candidate will be a skilled graphic designer with a passion for the job and capable of both helping the team bring its vision to life and also independently creating content that furthers our mission to engage and educate the public, increase interest and participation in all areas of cyber security, and cultivate and inspire the next generation of cyber security professionals.

This is the perfect role for a graphic designer looking to challenge themselves by working in the relatively uncharted creative genre with sits at the  intersection between Pop Culture and Cyber Security.


  • Meet with team to brainstorm and determine best ways to leverage graphical designs

  • Advise team on graphic design strategies to reach a particular audience (i.e. colors, images, text style, layout, etc)

  • Work with team to determine the message designs should portray

  • Develop graphics and images that illustrate company themes and messages for use on our various platforms

  • Present developed designs to team

  • Incorporate changes recommended by team to the final design

  • Review designs for errors before publishing


  • BS degree in Graphic Design or relevant field

  • Work experience as a Graphic Designer

  • Strong command of Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)

  • Must be able to prioritize and handle multiple assignments simultaneously while keeping a keen attention to detail

  • Must be open to feedback and be able to take direction while also driving his/her projects without a lot of oversight.

  • Can manage multiple projects and remain flexible through revisions

  • Excellent communication skills

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE CONTACT US  AT Please be sure to attach a current resume and cover letter.