Digital Marketing Specialist

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We are currently seeking an experienced and motivated Digital Marketing Specialist to help plan and execute our digital marketing campaigns and strategy. The successful candidate will be well versed in the area of Digital Marketing and capable of developing marketing campaigns that reach our target audience and increase engagement.

This is the perfect role for an experienced Digital Marketing Specialist looking to take on the challenge of engaging an audience in the fairly new concept of merging Pop Culture with Cyber Security



Graphic Designer


We are currently seeking an enthusiastic and talented graphic designer to help our team bring our unique vision of creating content that makes cyber security relatable to life. The successful candidate will be a skilled graphic designer with a passion for the job and capable of both helping the team bring its vision to life and also independently creating content that furthers our mission to engage and educate the public, increase interest and participation in all areas of cyber security, and cultivate and inspire the next generation of cyber security professionals.

This is the perfect role for a graphic designer looking to challenge themselves by working in the relatively uncharted creative genre with sits at the  intersection between Pop Culture and Cyber Security.


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE CONTACT US  AT Please be sure to attach a current resume and cover letter.