Major City Battling Cyber Attack


A recent Cyberattack on the city of Atlanta has cyber security experts shook! The driving force behind this attack, which is one of the most sustained and consequential attacks against a major US city, is ransomware.

You may recall from previous post from @CySecintellects what ransomware is, but if you are not familiar, ransomware is a type of malicious computer software (better known as ‘malware’) that restricts access to the system it infects and demands that the system user/owner pay a ransom to regain access. These types of attacks are usually directed toward systems holding valuable data.

The hackers behind this attack have been identified as the SamSam hacking crew, known for locking up victims’ files with encryption, temporarily changing their file names to “I’m sorry” and giving victims a week to pay the ransom before their files become permanently inaccessible.

This intense attack has left employees of the City of Atlanta unable to access their computers for days and has halted many of the city’s services and functions, such as bill pay, traffic tickets, incident reporting, etc. The asking price for the City of Atlanta ransom attack is said to be about $51,000. What would you do in this situation?