How Much Is "Time Hopping" Worth?


Are you a fan of Timehop? Timehop is a smartphone application that allows you to take a trip down memory lane with old posts and photos from various social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook. On July 4, 2018, Timehop’s network was compromised, leading to a breach of many of theirs users’ data. Although the company learned of the breach while it was still in progress and was able to interrupt it, user data was still taken. 

Timehop notified affected users days after the incident came to light as they continued to investigate this and any potential past incidents. They later provided a full timeline of the attack ( that dates back to December of last year when a Timehop employee’s credentials was used by an unauthorized user to gain access to the company’s Cloud Compting Environment. From there, the attacker was able to take various steps up until July when Timehop caught the suspicious activity. 

This just goes to show that no one is immune to an attack and as users we must be more vigilant in protecting our accounts and personal data. For more tips on how you can take charge of your own data protection and privacy, check out our “7 Steps to Reclaiming Your Online Privacy” ( conversation article.